Year End Letter 2010

Tscherlach,  November 2010

Dear Friends

It was a quiet year, this year and there is little to report from our side. But to keep in touch with you a brief report anyway.

Tscherlach seems to be built and Heiny’s DIY talents extend to maintenance only. But in true Japanese „Kaizen“ traditions (permanent improvement) we had the windows in Viola replaced, upgraded the entrance between the houses and will think of more things to do next year – just to keep us busy.

A welcome increase in visitors this year brought variety and we could introduce friends from South Africa, Australia and Singapore to the unique event of the cows coming home from the alps, visited the open air museum of Ballenberg that shows some 100 old houses in their original state from all over Switzerland and celebrated 100 years of Swiss air transportation at a major air show in central Switzerland.

We put Heiny’s recently acquired Italian language knowledge to the test during short visits to Rome and Florence and since we neither went hungry nor got lost we found it to be a good investment in time over the past 18 months.

Ruth kept busy in the garden (no major successes to report this year because of the lousy summer), held Asian cooking lessons once more in Liechtenstein, and taught and learnt new techniques in various handicrafts. Furniture was restored; quilts created, cards embroidered and Viola got a new lick of paint inside.

With this newsletter we send you our very best wishes for the coming year.


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